Road to Mammoth – “I QUALIFIED”

Qualifying is based on a percentage of each class in accordance with final event capacity and schedule; see Rules tab under Qualifying. All RTM races are a 2-moto format. Racers must race 2nd moto to qualify; racers with a 2nd moto DNS will be removed.

Racers who have qualified at previous rounds are removed, and the next position is bumped up. This process is done manually, and will be updated on the “I Qualified” tab within a week post-event. Questions regarding qualifying results can be addressed to

Once a racer has qualified, they must register for the final prior to TBD to secure their entry. Regular Non-Qualifying Open entries will open on TBD to the public to fill the final racing spots available at a first-come-first-serve basis.

Select Class to View Qualified Riders

  • Select Class, then Rider’s name. Link will direct you to register for the Final event once open on Regio.

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Upcoming Events