For 2021 Supplemental Rules and Qualifying Processes for the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn’s, please see the MX Sports WEBSITE.

For Road to Mammoth, King of the West, and Mammoth Motocross Rules and Qualifying Processes, see below:

2021: Rule #1: HAVE FUN!

No kicking, biting, scratching or hitting below the belt. We are all here to have a good time. Any person not having a good time will be sent home. It’s all about fun. This is a family event and we need to conduct ourselves in a reasonable manner. Entries are non-transferable and cannot be sold. All motos are final 15 minutes after finish of moto.

All racers are required to possess an AMA Membership also available for purchase at the track.

Motocross & Supercross Format

At Mammoth Motocross:

Rider must be at the line for the start. You must start your first moto to be able to start your second moto or qualify for the Main at Mammoth Motocross. You cannot skip first moto and ride second moto to qualify. Adjustments on race day may be made to qualifying totals if divisions are not equal. Starting positions on gate for first moto is determined by draw on a first­come basis. Starting position on gate for second moto is determined by first moto finish. Starting position on gate for Final is determined by position from qualifying races and division. If you jump gate at start you will be penalized one lap. You may pack in front of the gate at the finals (no Tools or Farming). You will be disqualified if you pass or ride unsafe during a yellow flag.

Supercross Format:

Racers with more than one division:
Event staff will post the numbers of riders transferring to Main Event. If you place in transfer position from first moto you go directly to Main Event. If not, you ride in a Semi or LCQ and try to qualify for the Main Event. Results in Main Event are final results for this race; all qualifying positions will come from main.

Motocross Format:

Races with only one division of racers will be scored in a two-moto format with the second moto being the tiebreaker. Check your race schedule to determine how your race will be scored. Road to Mammoth qualifiers: You must race 2nd moto to qualify.

Road to Mammoth Qualifiers

Road to Mammoth Qualifiers:

Each racer will only have to qualify once. You may ride as many qualifiers as you wish, but you are only required to qualify once. You must race 2nd moto to qualify.

Each class has been given a certain percentage of riders that qualify directly into the 2021 Mammoth Motocross Championship. The closing date of qualified entry is May __. The majority of the entries will come from the qualifiers, there will be a small percentage of entries available at on May 2__. You must ride the final at Mammoth in the class you qualify in at the qualifier. Sandbaggers will not be tolerated and will be removed from qualifying positions.

Once a racer has qualified, they will be posted on the “I qualified” tab on The link will gain access to entry to the final. It’s the racers responsibility to enter the final by or forfeit qualified position. You only have to qualify at one round to be able to enter the Mammoth Motocross.

To protest illegal size of motorcycle you must post $500 (Two Stroke) $1000 (Four Stroke) and be in the same class of rider you are protesting. One half of the Dollars goes to the bike owner if it is legal. One half stays with us for administration. Anyone protested for age in Vet or Senior class must produce a valid ID to race officials. You must be in the same class of rider you are protesting. If protesting rider ability level you must produce verification (on-line proof recent result sheets.). You must be in the same class of rider you are protesting.

Age Classes

Age classes:

Minimum age for mini riders is 5, All mini classes is Age based on age as of Jan 1, 2021
Supermini/Schoolboy-16 class based on age as of Jan 1, 2021
Plus 25 years of age as of day of race final (June 19th)
30+ years of age as of day of race day final (June 19th)
40+ years of age as of day of race final (June 19th)
50+ years of age as of day of race final (June 19th)
60+ years of age as of day of race final (June 19th)
Ability Level: C Rider-Novice, B Riderntermediate, A Rider- /Expert/Pro Pro-Sport

Equipment Classes

Equipment classes:

+25 +30 +40 +50: All size bikes are allowed for the running of these classes.

All Classes are Modified. Limited bike may ride with Mods but there are no limited classes

50cc Shootout (61cc 2-stroke max) Engine Modifications open,
Must use original engine type lower end and cylinder ( no stroke)
Single Speed Transmission only
Overall Length limited to 42″ axle to axle,
Suspension Modifications open

Maximum wheel size 12 inches Front 10″ rear

65cc: 59-65cc (Stock Bore and Stroke)
85cc: (9-12yrs)2 Stroke 79-85cc only, No Big Wheels, No 150f (Stock Bore and Stroke).
16″ Rear Max 85cc: Mini Senior 1 (12-14yrs) 79-85cc 2 Stroke/75-150cc 4 Stroke (Stock Bore and Stroke). 16″Rear Max 85cc: Mini Senior 2 (9-14yrs) 79-85cc 2 Stroke/75-150cc 4 Stroke (Stock Bore and Stroke). 16″ Rear Max Supermini 1 (12-15yrs), Supermini 2 (13-16 yrs) (112cc 2 Stroke/150cc 4 Stroke)
16 Rear Max 19 Front Max Women (14yrs+) Amateur: (99cc-250cc) 125-450cc,
College Boy A/B/C (18-24yrs) (122-0pen cc)
Schoolboy 1 (12-17yrs) B/C 86cc-125cc 2 Stroke/75-150cc 4-Stroke. Min Wheels 19 F 16 R
Schoolboy 2 (13-17yrs) B/C 100-250cc 2 Stroke/126-250cc 4-Stroke. Min Wheels 19 F 16 R
Open Classes (144-0pen cc 2 Stroke/250-450 Four Stroke) (21″ Min Front)
125cc B/C (12-17yrs) (21 Min Front)
250cc Class (Up to 250cc-2 Stroke, 250cc 4 stroke)
250cc Open Only (100-250cc 2 Stroke/126-250cc 4 Stroke) (21 Min Front)
450cc Class (250cc-Open cc) (no 125cc or 144cc)

Top 5 random Tear down All mini Classes

King of The West

AMA King of the West Title:

AMA King of the West #1 Plate
Special Exclusive Red background to compete with for this years’ Mammoth Motocross
Exclusive First Gate pick at this years’ Mammoth Motocross
Qualifying Rules for KOW:

Qualifying events include 6 RTM events and the Cal Classic event.
Rider must start 4 race events in the same class to qualify for the #1 Plate.
Points will be taken from the Top 4 Overall finishes in series.
Points not used will be marked with an asterisk on the Points tab on the Results Page on web site
Top 5 riders for each mammoth class will get that gate pick for that years Mammoth event for the class earned. Must start at least 4 race rounds to get gate pick.
Cal Classic – A select number of classes will earn points for that years King of the West Series.
Selected class will be noted on entry form and on web site.
King of the West Series Points will be posted on web site under Results – Points.
It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that all points are correct.
Any questions, email the points keeper at
Tie Breakers – If at the end of series riders are tied in points; Rider with the best finish in the last race will get the higher position.
Double Points Events. Cal Classic and Last Chance Qualifier (Final Round).


2021 Road to Mammoth
(Round #1) Feb 13th-14th, Fox Raceway, Pala  Ca
(Round #2) Mar 7thth, DT1, Tulare Ca
(Round #3) March 28th, Oatfield, Snelling Ca
(Round #4) April 11th  Porterville, Porterville Ca
(Round #5) May 1st-May 2nd, River Front, Marysville Ca,
(Round #6-LCQ) May9th, Fox Raceway, Pala Ca


Format will be as in the previous year with a percentage of each class qualifying directly into the final. Saturday practice day, Sunday all classes race.

Once a racer has qualified, they must register for the final prior to May __ to secure an entry. Regular Non-Qualifying entries will open on May __ to fill the final racing spots available.

RTM Qualifiers per class Rd 1-5 Rd 6 LCQ
Class Name Qualifiers
30 C 10
30 B 7
30 Pro 5
40 C 10
40 B 5
40 A 5
50 C 5
50 B 5
50 A 5
50cc 6-8 5
65cc 7-9 10
65cc 10-11 10
65cc Open 10
85cc 9-12 10
Mini Senior 1 12-14 10
Mini Senior 2 9-14 10
Supermini 1 12-15 10
Supermini 2 13-16 10

Open C

Open B 10
Open Pro 10
Schoolboy 2 (13-17) B/C 10
Schoolboy 1 (12-17) B/C 5
25+ Yrs 5
FMF 2-Stroke Challenge 10
250cc C 22
250cc B 15
250cc Pro 10
College Boy A/B/C (18-24) 10
 125cc (12-17)  5
450cc C 14
450cc B 10
450cc Pro 10
Women (12+) 5
250 C Jr 12-17 10
250 B/C Open 10

Monster Energy Mammoth Motocross

Monster Energy Mammoth Motocross

Vet Race Weekend +30/+40/+50/+60 Race Days June 22-23 (Saturday-Sunday)
Mini Race Days June 25-26 (Tuesday-Wednesday)
Open Racing, Schoolboy 1 &2, 25 yrs + June 28 (Friday)
250 Day, FMF 2 Stroke Challenge/College Boy/125cc 12-17 June 29 (Saturday)
450cc Race Day 450, 250B/C Open, Women’s 12yrs +, 250C Jr 12-17 June 30 (Sunday)

Questions Regarding Road to Mammoth Qualifiers
Questions Regarding the Mammoth Motocross Championship Final

Mammoth Motocross Finals

Pit riding: No Pit bikes, No Golf karts, No Rhinos, No excessive speed on Race bikes in pit area.
Dogs: Dogs are not allowed at the Mammoth Motocross
BIKE WASHING: Washing of bike in the forest is prohibited. There are facilities in the Town of Mammoth Lakes for washing. Enforcement could occur. Absolutely No bike washing at the track.

Background Colors


White Backgrounds/Black Numbers
All C Classes –
65cc 6-9 – White Backgrounds/Black Numbers
85cc 9-12- White Backgrounds/Black Numbers

Black Backgrounds/White Numbers
All B Classes –
65cc10-11- Black Backgrounds/White Numbers

Yellow Backgrounds/Black Numbers
All Pro/A Classes –


Smoke and Fire Vintage – Your Choice
All 50+ A – Your Choice
All 50+ B – Your Choice
All 50+ C – Your Choice
50cc – Your Choice
65cc Open – Your Choice
Mini Sr 1 12-13 – Your Choice
Mini Sr 2 9-14 Your Choice
Supermini 1,2 – Your Choice
Schoolboy 1,2 – Your Choice
College Boy – Your Choice
Women 12+ – Your Choice
Two Stroke Challenge – Your Choice
+25 A/B/C – Your Choice
125cc – Your Choice
250 BC Open –  Your Choice
250 C Jr – Your Choice
Supermini Allstars – Your Choice